When we service your Ductless Air Conditioner in Summerfield NC, your satifaction means the world to us.


When we service your Ductless Air Conditioner in Summerfield NC, your satifaction means the world to us.

4 Signs You Need Furnace Repair or Replacement

Here are 4 signs you might need furnace repair, or possibly a replacement

Furnace repair & replacement

As we gear up for the winter season (at the time of this post) it’s always a good idea to make sure our homes our energy efficient and our heating systems are functioning properly. These are the kinds of things that can sneak up on us, and the last thing you need is for your furnace to quit during inclement weather.

1. Your Heating Bill Has Suddenly Increased

Power bills fluctuate all year, but if your last few bills have been higher than normal it’s worth investigating your furnace. Regular maintenance programs can help you stay on top of this, as well as track whether there might be a leak somewhere in your heating system.

But the furnace is a usual culprit here. As anything mechanical ages the parts wear down and become less efficient, and a sudden spike in your power bill is often a sign that your furnace is on its last legs.

2. Furnace Age: Is It Near Or Over 15 Years?

Studies by organizations like Consumer Reports show that furnaces often last around 18 years. But with modern advances in heating technology, anything around 15 years old should probably be replaced.

Not only is the furnace nearing the end of its life anyhow, but recent Energy Star compliant models are far more efficient and can mean big savings on your energy bill by swapping it out. Being proactive here can avoid major headaches at inopportune times.

3. Inconsistent Temperatures Throughout The House

If one room of your house always feels far warmer than others, for instance, it can be a sign that some repairs are in order. When this is the case, the furnace is no longer able to properly distribute heat through the house evenly.

Particularly if you’ve had to repair your furnace in the last few years, noticing this kind of temperature variation throughout your home is a sign you might need a new furnace.

4. Your Furnace Makes Weird Noises Or Has A Yellow Burner Flame

A well-functioning furnace has a blue burner flame. If it’s a different color — especially yellow — you need to contact an HVAC professional immediately. Yellow flames mean the furnace is producing carbon monoxide.

The tricky thing about carbon monoxide is that it has no odor and is invisible as a gas, so you’d otherwise never know it was there. But breathing it can be fatal.

Regarding the noises, you may have to listen for it. If your furnace is making a banging or rattling noise, this is often a sign that an old furnace is wearing out. This is especially valid if you’re also noticing that your blower is turning on and off frequently, and that it blows out cool air when it’s supposed to be warm.

Do any of these sound familiar in your home? If so, we can help.