When we service your Heater in Summerfield NC, your satifaction means the world to us.


When we service your Heater in Summerfield NC, your satifaction means the world to us.

Air Conditioning

Call us for Furnace repair Summerfield NC.

Air Conditioning


Call Cool Breeze 1250 Heating & Cooling, Inc. for air conditioning repair and replacements, professional air duct cleaning, ventilation problems, and heat pump repair and seasonal safety inspections. We are your complete Home Air Comfort Specialists.

Call the HVAC Specialists, Cool Breeze 1250 Heating & Cooling, Inc. today for high efficiency air conditioning installations that will keep you and your family in low cost, eco-friendly comfort all year!

Cash for clunkers Furnace replacement in Kernersville NC

Air Conditioning Services

  • air conditioner repair
  • air conditioner service and cleaning
  • high efficiency ac installation
  • heat pumps
  • compressor repair
  • condensate drain lines
  • indoor air quality
  • coil and duct sanitation
  • air purification/ sterilization
  • duct cleaning
  • home protection: smoke alarms, co detector,
    whole house surge protector
  • duct repair/ reroute/ modification
  • whole house dehumidifier
  • wifi / smartphone thermostats
  • residential zoning systems
  • ductless solutions
  • ductless mini-split systems
  • weather sealing/ home efficiency
  • thermostat service
  • filter replacement
  • Attic Insulation

Air Conditioning Services & Repair


Typical Cost: $99 – $1,500

As soon as your system goes down, you’ll feel it. We know it can be a major pain to have a broken unit in the middle of summer. We’re equipped to handle any residential Kernersville, Winston-Salem area repair needed to keep you cool. With us, your satisfaction is always assured.

When your Comfort Technician arrives to diagnose the cooling/AC/air conditioning problem, he may find that there are multiple problems causing your cooling system to malfunction. Once a diagnosis is made we will provide you with our recommendation(s) and proceed with them once you have given authorization. Our Standard Repair Warranty is 1 Year Parts & Labor.

Installation / Replacement

Typical Cost: $4,500 – $6,000

Is your air conditioner on its way out? Does it seem to be working less efficiently than usual? Air conditioning units and central air systems only last so long, so if you’re in need of air conditioning replacement turn to Cool Breeze 1250 Heating & Cooling, Inc. to get the job done.

As a first class heating and cooling company in Kernersville, NC, you’ll be able to find comfort in our HVAC Installation services. We’ve done many installations, and our customers have an extremely high rate of satisfaction. We want you to be confident that your next HVAC installation goes well. The standard warranty we provide for a heating or cooling system Installation/ Replacement is 10 years on the parts and 1 year on any associated labor. Our Premium Systems have a 10 Year Parts & 10 Labor Warranty.

Dual Fuel Upgrade Option

Typical Cost: Add $750 to above price

Before replacing your A/C unit consider a Dual Fuel Upgrade by installing a heat pump instead of an A/C unit. A heat Pump cools in the same manner as an air conditioner. But it can also produce heat in the winter months. Heat pumps are very efficient above 40-35^F. So instead of using gas or oil to heat your home all the time, you can use a heat pump. We can configure your thermostat to bring on your fossil fuel heating when the outside temperatures fall below 35^F, saving fuel costs to heat your home (currently, electricity is a much more cost effective means for heating).

New System Estimate

Do you need a consultation for a new heating or cooling system? We offer a comprehensive in home estimate at NO CHARGE. This process requires investigating the following: 1) The comfort and budget needs of you as a client, 2) The construction details of your home, 3) The design characteristics of the existing heating and cooling system. This process takes about 90 minutes or so depending on how many questions that you may have. It is best if everyone involved in the decision-making process is present for this consultation.

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